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Incorporate Wheatgrass in Your Life!

Its just difficult to know what is good for you to eat and what you should avoid, nowadays.
Here is a quick lesson I received tonight and would like to share with you. I found this video to promote wheatgrass to you and show you how nutritional it is for your health.

Some of the benefits of Wheat grass is that it can be detoxifying, increases fertility, aids your digestive system, promotes balanced blood pressure and more. Wheatgrass can be consumed through juice, powder, tablets, or even eating it as a grass.

In Fact! My blog promotes wheatgrass, as you seen it is my template!

Now I can go on and on, but I think the video describe very well why its so good for you, so enjoy!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

I tried finding the best video to explain this topic because I hear it so much that lemon and water are so good for your health and weight loss. This is a great detox diet that may be used with other healthy foods and some may even use it essentially for what it is, water and lemon ALL DAY, ALL BY ITSELF. I personally would not be able to do it, but I do hear many people talking about the Lemon Detox Diet, where they simply have water and lemon for a specific dedicated period. I found this video, though talking about new years resolution, to be a very impressive and educational one describing my intention.

Watch this video, Lemons are so healthy for your body and increases your digestive system. Watch Kim Lyon’s detox plan, and make sure to incorporate it into your diet.
I have also attached the benefits to Lemon with the second video