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I hear it every and anywhere, drinking DIET coke, SWEETENER rather than sugar, 0 calorie gum, and so much more.

Its been said by many, drinking diet in order to not add fat or calories, well WAKE UP CALL! this is all FAKE! In fact,

You Actually Gain Weight by Using “Artificial Sweeteners”

So contrary to popular belief, Scientist have discovered that Aspartame in fact stimulate your appetite, Increase carbohydrate cravings and stimulate fat storage and weight gain. More so,I just recently discovered, Aspartame which is commonly believed to be healthy for people with diabetes has been shown to worsen insulin sensitivity, I would say more research should be done to confirm that but it is definitely something to look into as all diabetics are taking artificial sweeteners in the belief that it is better for them than sugar.

These are all ideas that must be enhanced for all of those who believe in the ” deception” about aspartame being a diet.

Read the articles and watch the video thoroughly and take it seriously because someone can be told that aspartame is very unhealthy but will still have it. Hopefully telling people its actually fattening might do the job.