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I have to say… Ever since I posted about this Green Coffee Bean Extract, I have been researching and reviewing if this pill is actually worth it and HEALTHY.

However, though I saw many reviews that gave it positive feedback, though I STILL AM NOT CONVINCED. As I saw a video with Brenda Leigh Turner, I just gave up on the idea. I mean supplements… I have never been able to support supplements like the ones in green coffee extract. All these supplement diets I know are not good for you, I have never supported such a supplement and it has been bothering me since I posted about this extract. Don’t get me wrong I have been hoping they were legitimate and healthy but I think being rather Safe than Sorry is much better. Let’s say they do work. What happens when you stop? Do you gain the weight back and more? Like Dr. Bernstein … I have know many that have done it, and gained the weight all back and more.

SO. I am sorry if I gave some of you hope, but You will need to make that decision on your own because to tell you the truth, I can’t support something that I am not 100% about. I fear this supplement, therefore, I will skip this idea for myself. You make the decision for yourself.

I must say all the advertisement, its working… I know a LivingSocial Deal has come out, and over 400 people have bought it. It’s scary, I guess we can’t tell just yet what the deal is with it.


A Solution for Your Health: The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook

How to become healthy?
What diet will work for me?
Could I keep up with this diet?

So many questions are asked when trying to lose weight and stay healthy; most important is STAY HEALTHY!

So I was doing some video searching on youtube, trying to view some options to stay healthy and I found this video on my “Recommended for You”. Sure, there are many great books out there to teach you how and what to eat, and the reason I found this to be the most captivating is Dr. Hyman’s concept of EATING AT HOME, MAKING YOUR OWN FOOD. That is essential because as you make your own food, you KNOW what you are putting in there and can CONTROL the ingredients in your food. You can focus on a QUALITY AND BALANCED DIET. So truthfully, make your own food, avoid eating out, and Focus on this great Solution book for your health!

Watch UltraWellness TV with Mark Hyman at:

And Remember: The Secret to Being Healthy is Staying Healthy.

Feeling Down?

My brother was so excited when he found this link about depression and diet drinks; when he found out I thought it was a great blog idea, he was so happy. So, I must give him the credit for this one. Thanks G!



There seems to be a high association between diet sodas and depression. Sure it is not scientifically proven that this in fact is the sole and/or actual reason for the depression however the link between the two is there.

“A new study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health finds that fruit and soft drink drinkers are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than those who didn’t regularly drink sweetened beverages.”

Read more:

Not to mention, these drinks have also been linked to other health issues such as stroke & obesity. Therefore, pay attention to your health and be careful to always be healthy  because You Are The Cause of Your Own Danger.

Take care & Pay attention to your Health & wellness!

CAUTION: Watch For Diets


Dr. Bernstein Diet, Herbal Magic, Weight Watchers, The Alternate Day Diet; these are some of many diets out in the market. We hear about many successful stories of people losing weight on many of those diets and others, but what they do not show is the health effects and the aftereffects of going on these diets. Many diets  are for short periods and end up backfiring in the end, such as people loosing weight for the period of the diet, then gaining all and more of their weight when the diet has ended or stopped. These are evident with diets such as Bernstein diet where I have personally seen more than a few individuals who have paid to do sessions of Bernstein Diet and once the sessions are ceased, they gained all their weight and more. This does not seem healthy or promising for me. Some diets some as the Alternate Day Diet, where people eat all they want one day and 20% of their food intake the next; this diet does not seem healthy where the brain is constantly being pushed back and forth struggling with a proper diet and eating so little food one the alternate days that it harms the body. These are all controversial issues that many will disagree and agree but watch this video where the nutritionists speak about the Alternate Day Diet and what they feel about it and other diets.


When Life Gives You Lemons…

I tried finding the best video to explain this topic because I hear it so much that lemon and water are so good for your health and weight loss. This is a great detox diet that may be used with other healthy foods and some may even use it essentially for what it is, water and lemon ALL DAY, ALL BY ITSELF. I personally would not be able to do it, but I do hear many people talking about the Lemon Detox Diet, where they simply have water and lemon for a specific dedicated period. I found this video, though talking about new years resolution, to be a very impressive and educational one describing my intention.

Watch this video, Lemons are so healthy for your body and increases your digestive system. Watch Kim Lyon’s detox plan, and make sure to incorporate it into your diet.
I have also attached the benefits to Lemon with the second video