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Growing up, I heard it many times. Don’t be a little girl, don’t cry, men are supposed to be strong, crying is only for girls. This is what I heard most fathers tell their sons: my dad, my uncle, friend’s fathers, etc. Even my brother had to suffer through this useless talk about being a man. What determines what a boy should not do? They have feelings too, why should they be judged about crying? Why must they always look strong and manly? Why is a girl seen as not feminine enough when she is not sensitive or emotional? Women should not be independant, they must be submissive and dependant on a man, this is what you hear. Today, especially, all is changed. Some women now are the main breadwinners in some families. This takes us off topic, but I needed to mention this somehow. Women, men, we are both humans. Why is it that men are always warned not to cry or show emotions? They ask why violence against women is so high… the simple fact that men are taught to be dominant and show no sadness is evidence enough.
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