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Are You Wounded?

Wound…. You automatically think physical right?

Well no, not true.

Lets talk about abuse… When a child is abused at home, people automatically think physically.

Oh no, the child is getting physically abused… that is bad right? It is taken really seriously… If a woman is being physically abused by her partner, that is very serious and Police come when advised right?

What about Emotional Abuse? Not taken so seriously huh? You don’t see the Police taking a call serious if someone calls to say I am being emotionally abused. Ya… exactly.


Depression, we get over it right? It’s just a phase, it will pass…. These are many assumptions and statements about emotional pain. But, we must take it more seriously. Seriously!

If you feel that you are extremely sad or lonely, dont neglect it and heal it, seek help, seek hope. Do not allow yourself to feel that negativity because it WILL kill you. This is no joke. In fact, many do die from a broken heart, don’t be the next Broken heart, allow yourself to heal.


You must take the steps to take control of your emotions and fight them, seek help from others and don’t hold it in. Dont allow negative feelings to reside inside your heart, because most of the time, they are treatable, if you allow yourself to treat them.

I can ramble on and on about this topic because I have so many loved ones suffering through sadness, pain and hurt, but I want them all to feel better, know that I am here.

Remember, someone is there for you, don’t allow yourself to believe all the negativity that can live inside you.

Please take a few minutes and listen to Guy Winch as he describes to us all how to treat your heart.

Take care of your emotions, your minds, with the same diligence you take care of our bodies.

Guy Winch, psychologist