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Awareness is Heart!

What is wellness? What is health? Easy… eating right, staying in shape, basically keeping your body and mind safe. Right?

We really are blessed to feel this way. In fact, if you are reading this, you are more than blessed because you have more than what the necessities of life are.

Some out there are suffering from famine, they can’t even think of eating *healthy* or eating *well* or keeping their body and mind *safe* because they themselves are not safe. They have no choice but to eat what they can get, if they get. Some can hardly think twice of what they are given, some are dying from hunger and others dying from war. Is it fair?

This is different then other blogs, but I want to open your eyes to something important about this life we are given and the blessings we are allowed. Appreciate and give.

Make awareness a possibility! Spread the word and don’t take life for granted!

Watch this video if you canĀ  (it is 3 of 7) …
If you really care about it, please watch the rest of the videos of War Photographer James Nachtwey.

To see touching photographs from James Natchwey, take a look at his website: