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MYTH that bananas are Fattening

Many people have mentioned that they do not like to eat bananas because they are fattening. I have tried many times to tell them that Bananas are not fattening but rather very healthy for you. It doesn’t seem to help really. Here is a video that makes my point. Bananas are healthy for you, in fact, they are a weight loss fruit. Like anything else, having too much of something can become fattening, but indulging in one banana a day is perfectly okay. As it provides you with many of the nutrition needed.

Another statement I hear is that people don’t like to eat bananas because they cause constipation… Truth is, bananas are actually high in fiber, though having too much of it can cause constipation due to the potassium balance inside the banana. But having more than one banana becomes abuse as you need to balance your diet.

Fact is, Bananas are very healthy for you, and having one banana a day is perfectly fine. It is good for you. It provides you with the right amount of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. Here is a video to help you loosen up and get over these myths about BANANAS.

Important thing is to eat bananas during the day and not before sleeping, because they do have fructose. So if eaten at night can be fattening, like any other food, it stays in your stomach overnight because you are not working it out. So eat them in the morning when the sugar can be used all day.