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Many fear eating chocolate because of its fats and Junk Food nature. Well Wake Up Call here for you; CHOCOLATE IS HEALTHY FOR YOU! Dark Chocolate is made from plants and contains great benefits that dark vegetables have. Health benefits you can gain from chocolate is flavanoids which gives the body antioxidant which protect the body from aging and reduces risk of heart disease, and relaxes blood pressure and balances some hormones in the body. Dark chocolate specifically has a large number of antioxidants. Dark Chocolate is great for your heart. Not to mention, Dark chocolate does not only lowers blood pressure, but lowers cholesterol as well. Chocolate also produces enforphins which leave you feeling good and contains serotonin which is an anti-depressant.

This is not to say that chocolate does not have high calories. Fact is, you must balance your diet in your day, and focus on consuming black chocolate, a little portion, not a complete bar. Simply getting some balance of dark chocolate in your day to get the benefits that is good for you. If you wish to have the whole chocolate bar, simply cut out other irrelevant to your health sweets to keep calories managed. You simply need 100 grams of dark chocolate a day to get the benefits. One thing to also consider is to avoid the fillers such as caramel flavor, hazlenut, fruits, etc. These are extra calories you don’t need. Remember the higher the cacao, the better it is for you!

There are even other benefits to dark chocolate such as better cognitive function and reduces risk. Dark chocolate is High in Vitamins and Minerals.

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How much Citrus do You consume Daily?

“Flavonoids are plant-based compounds with powerful antioxidant properties, which means they reduce inflammation, promote healthy arteries, and help prevent and repair cellular damage”, explains CBC News.

Studies show that women who consume flavonoid-rich foods such as certain citrus fruits may help reduce the risk of stroke. In fact, one citrus fruit on average contains 45 to 50 mg of flavanones, which is a specific class of flavonoid which lowers the risk of ischemic (blood clot-related) stroke in women who consume it than those who do not. In fact, what these flavanoids have been proven to do is to improve function of the blood vessel to exercise an anti-inflammatory effect.

Researchers found that most of the antioxidant-rich products that lower stroke risk for women were oranges, grapefruit and their juices.

Studies have also shown that women with a high intake of flavanoid: smoke less, exercise more, consume more fiber, more folate, more fruits and vegetables, and consume less caffeine and alcohol.

More studies are to come, for further confirmation, however keep in mind to intake as many citrus fruits as possible; this also includes antioxidant-rich products, as I spoke about in my first Blog on “Fighting Cancer”. Keep your health intact and do as much as you can to facilitate your growth!

For more information, review this website:
Citrus fruits may reduce stroke risk in women