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Diabetics … Don’t let it Rule you!

Being healthy is a big responsibility. I think we can all agree to that statement. Every person wants to indulge in tasty foods, deserts, burgers, and so much more that may not be the greatest for our health, but we manage… How about those that can’t afford to eat bad food seeing as it may affect their health destructively. Those suffering from diabetes often fall in that area. What diet is recommended for diabetics is controversial and difficult to maintain. The diet most often recommended is high in dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber, but low in fat, especially saturated fat. Here are some delicious and recommended dietary foods that are good for everyone suffering from diabetes. This video demonstrates not only what is good to eat, but also why it is good to eat. This is not to say that non-diabetics should not follow this diet, because it is in fact a healthy diet. Hope this helps!