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Stay Away from Your Ears!

We all like to clean our ears, we like to feel clean. Ears may seem dirty at times, and full of ear wax which may seem disgusting… But the truth is, these ear wax inside the ears, its quite healthy and when removing it *with a Q-tip, you actually do more harm than good.

Why is That? 

Well the ear cleans itself and this ear wax actually keeps bacterias out. So by “cleaning” it with a Q-tip you are actually pushing the dirt fully inside where it can’t even clean itself, therefore causing harm to the ear because it can’t clean itself, making it hard to hear and more susceptible to bacteria.

Some grossness is something healthy for you! As such, earwax helps keep dust and dirt away from the eardrum. Therefore acting

So if you use Q-tips, think again!

Remember: Your Ears Clean Themselves. Don’t be a hero!

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Fruits Are Good For You, Except …

Fruits are very good for you but when should you not have fruits?

Zoƫ Harcombe explains that fruits are not good with other foods because it disturbs the digestion process, so it is better to eat it either 30 minutes before eating or after you have digested your food which can take few hours. Another time when not to eat fruits is essentially when you have hyperglycemia because fruits are high in sugar. Third reason why fruits are not good is if you have candida, which is a fungus, because fruits will feed candida, which can in turn cause diseases.

Watch this 3 minute video for more details