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What You Watch is What You Are!

What should we allow our kids to watch? Is it correct to allow children to watch TV shows and movies all day? Is it a waste of a life to spend all day watching TV? There are controversial opinions about this. Some may say we learn through visualizing, well what about what we watch? Take a look and make your opinion.

Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Dexter, Days of our Lives, Criminal Minds, 24, CSI Miami, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, …

What in common do all these have in common?

Some may say fun, others may say waste of time, some may say unproductive, others may say relaxing. Many opinions can go around, but it is what it is, You Become What You Watch. What is meant by this is that when you are a person that does nothing but watch TV all day, then you become someone that does not use your brain and that does not live a productive life. Sure, it’s okay to watch TV every once in a while, however it is important to have your limits in a day. It is true you know what they say, that if you watch TV shows too often, you begin to feel that real life is like a tv show, romance is just like TV shows and you begin living in a world that does not exist in reality. I must say that I was a victim of such a life at some point in my younger years, and saw what it did to me.

This is not to say that TV is bad, TV is not bad, in fact it can be good, but how?

TV is productive when you follow the latest News to know more about what is happening around you, TV is good when you watch the Discovery Channel such as History, Technology, Geography, Science and Space. TV is not Bad, you simply need to make good choices in what you watch and/or what your children watch. This is not to say you cant watch a TV show in your life that is not informative, but remember to limit those and exceed the others.

All this to say, that instead of wasting your day watching TV shows, try to spend it on more productive activities such as being Active, Having intellectual conversations with other people, and much more. And remember, if you decide to watch TV, do not forget that You Are What You Watch, and these values and information you see and intake, you begin to express them in your own life, so watch productive shows and make your life worthwhile and influential.

Check this talk by Shahrzad Rafati:

If you have the time and are looking for an influential movie, what the following:


Welcomed Home: Making a Difference!

I thought about different blog ideas, but I really wanted to make this one a special one. Wellness, it’s not only about OUR WELLNESS, it’s about what we make of it. Wellness should be shared, one should not wish wellness on them-self and neglect others. It is for this reason that I want to share my experience with you.

I went on a mission to Africa: Ethiopia, and I strongly felt like I have felt the most well I ever have. This was not because I, MYSELF felt well, but I made OTHERS feel well, by being there physically, mentally, emotionally and thoughtfully. You can take care of your heath and you can eat and exercise well, but if you do not try to make others feel well, you are not doing much. By simply helping friends, family, and even strangers, you become WELL, that is because doing good to others makes you feel great and makes the other person feel great too. As a collective, you are making a difference when everyone is well.

I don’t wish to mention this to make anyone feel bad if they don’t help, whether they don’t have the ability or simply don’t think about it, I wish to simply bring awareness to you all that being happy, being well, it’s more than just YOU. Help, Assist, Care, MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Don’t be Shy, go for it!

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. ― Mahatma Gandhi

My experience in Ethiopia was outstanding and really changed my world, it was exceptional and really showed me the beauties of life; it is not the material we have or wish to have, it is not the food that we over-indulge, but the food we appreciate and are thankful to have, it is not the electronics that we carry around day and night but the books that will teach us about life and growth. It is about the people you meet and the people that change your life when you are changing theirs. For this I say, people out there wish to be where we are and we are constantly angry and upset about our lives and what we don’t have or don’t have enough of, money comes and goes, other materials are disposable but solid actions are what stay with us.

Remember your health is most important and learning it the hard way can be a shock, so I say, make sure you take care of yourself and those around you because when others around you are well, you will feel well. Don’t be afraid to try, because as long as you try to make a difference, it counts.

After you read this, think of one thing you can do as a person that will make someone else well and do it. See how it makes you feel and how the other person reacts to it. Trust me and make it happen! And for those wishing to make a difference in a larger way, through a mission, please don’t be afraid to contact me for advise and encouragement, because making this decision was the greatest decision of my life and I WILL do it again.









PS. These photos represent only 2 areas in Ethiopia and are not a representation of all Ethiopia. I am not certain of the conditions in other parts of Ethiopia.

Thank you for following me, and thank you for reading.