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What Are You Eating???

Does it freak you out when a watermelon is huge and no seeds? Does it scare you that some meats are massive? For those uneducated about its reasoning, they might be impressed, and that is a dangerous game.


Because this is what this world has become. Genetically modified foods has overtaken our world. With GE (Genetically Engineered) and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), they are building in crops with built-in pesticides, by growing foods abnormally large and fast.

It is what we eat that affects us. People are dying more and more with cancer and other illnesses. We notice that we are less resistance to illnesses nowadays and this is determined in fact by the foods we eat. Back in history, we didn’t have this many illnesses and people dying for such reasons, and this is our FOODS. Our GMOs and GE crops have altered our system and it is time we are informed if the food we eat is in fact being Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered.

So take a look at the following video and follow through for your health:



It is very important to be aware of what chemicals are in our food that we consume daily.

Aspartame is a major issue these days because almost all gums have aspartame. Not to mention, aspertame is in everything nowadays and scientific studies show how aspartame causes cancer and so many other diseases that are toxic.

Moreover, there is many meats and foods that are genetically modified that are allowed to be sold in stores yet are not what they seem. Some foods are modified in ways to impel animals from eating them which is in fact dangerous chemicals for humans. It is also repelling what kinds of chemicals they add to grow foods faster. Growth hormones are being added in almost everything and anything we eat.

So bottom line, Check Nutritional Labels to know what you are consuming and always explore how to live a healthier and longer life. Warn those around you and help others stay away from Killing themselves.

Share this with everyone you care about because it’s serious!

Watch the WHOLE video, trust me it’s very important!