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Halo Test: Pap test for the breast

People nowadays neglect their health. I have heard and seen many times, people say things like “if I had cancer I would not want to know about it, I would want to live my life without that fear and concern.” I understand that people are afraid of Cancer, but if you found out one day that you have been diagnosed with a certain cancer at its terminal stage, what would you then say or do? You know that had you not neglected yourself for the past years and got checked up, then you would not be where you are now: Stage 4 cancer would have been Stage 1 cancer, and you could have survived. It is essential to TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! Do NOT neglect seeing a doctor and getting checked at a constant basis, at least a yearly basis. This goes out to Women and Men. Nonetheless, Prostate cancer and other forms of cancer are more common then they were many years ago. It is what we eat and how we live that determines what will happen to us. Seeing as nowadays, we do not have control over what we eat, as most people eat out a lot more than back in the days, it is important to get checked often. If you do not know how, ask and research! DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR HEALTH, THIS IS SERIOUS!

Here is a quick video for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS. Check out this New breast cancer screening called Halo Test that can detect cancer 7 years before a mammogram: this is especially something that should be considered by people with cancer background.

Watch this video, it is very astonishing.