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Get Grounded: Save Your Life


Grounding, also known as walking Barefoot on the Earth, has healthy effects to your body which actually has many benefits including:

  1. Reducing free radicals and inflammation to your body, because grounding has antioxidant effects, it can disarm these free radicals (produced by electronic devices and other cancerous chemicals, thus reducing inflammation.
  2. Walking bare also improves your mood as it has been proven.
  3. Grounding may also allow you to sleep better because of the reduced cortisol levels which is the stress hormone which affects our sleep quality.
  4. Barefoot workouts also accelerate tissue and wound healing as it has been proven to have healing properties.
  5. Grounding studies report a healthier heart because it reduces blood clotting and allowing better blood flow.
  6. For women, PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) is also relieved as it reduces cortisol too, and reducing pain and inflammation, all common in PMS symptoms
  7. grounding has the potential to reduce the recovery time from workout muscle soreness and improve muscle function.
  8. Weight can be altered by high levels of cortisol as stress does affect the body and causes bad choices, food, sleep, exercise. For this reason, grounding also allows you to make healthier choices for your body in general.

So, try to get grounded every daily for a healthier You. Take off your shoes as most of them are insulators which stop electrons from the earth penetrating into our bodies and avoiding all the benefits of the earth.

Surfaces good for grounding: Sand, Grass, Bare Soil, Unpainted/unsealed concrete and brick.

Surfaces not good for grounding: Wood, Vinyl, Carpet, Sealed Tile