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Soybean Oil…. Did You Know?

soybean-oilProcessed foods we all knew, harmful and damaging to your health. We have heard it before, don’t buy frozen foods and so on, but what we failed to be advised is the  factual  reason WHY these processed foods are so bad for us. So it shows, ‘soybean oil is the most harmful ingredient in processed food’, as well as the second ingredient of high fructose corn syrup. Both together cause a dysfunction and chaos in your body from trans-fat and their genetically engineered origin. It’s genetically engineered (GE) origin is what makes it the most HARMFUL oil out there.

“If you want to avoid dangerous fats of all kinds, your best bet is to eliminate processed foods from your diet.”

News to your ears  from one sense, but I bet you knew the basics….

Be careful and be aware of your health!

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What is in Your Pet’s food? DEAD ANIMALS!

We need to pay attention to what we are feeding our pets. It is important to find out what is good food and what is bad food. Pets are pre-maturely dying because of the ingredients that are in their food. Here are some videos about pet foods. Make sure to watch carefully if you have a pet and do not cheap out on your pet, you wouldn’t want your parents to cheap out on you. Pay attention to ingredients and food brands.


Many of us just eat and not care about nutritional values or ingredients in the foods we are eating. Watch this simple video with an adorable kid that basically goes through Label Reading for us and teaches us what to look for and what to avoid in labelled foods , also known as Processed Foods. A strong example of label reading is the idea that many people believe that cereals is a healthy breakfast. This video will show you how some cereals are designed as desert, therefore, is not a healthy breakfast.

Check out this video and learn about what you are putting into your body.