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Find Your Passion


This is quite something right?  Passion… It’s just beautiful… So what’s the deal with happiness? You know that moment when your talking with someone and their eyes are glowing with FIRE.  You envy that!

I know it’s happened to me many times when I speak about my Charity and Humanitarian work… My Eyes Glow! I feel invincible and that I can do Anything!

That’s Passion! That’s Love! That’s Happiness!

What’s yours? What makes you Glow?What makes you Fire Up?
Find out… if you don’t already… Because fact is. THIS IS YOUR HAPPINESS!

In my eyes….from experience…
Without a Passion … You can’t be yourself because by Finding your Passion.. You find your Happiness…. and in being Happy .. You are your best YOU!

So Find Yourself and see how Your Life Changes!

I can’t stop talking about Passion because I have a passion for this type of happiness!  I really do Love how my passion makes me feel. When I think of My passions.. Dance. Charity. Painting.  I want to Fly! So I can’t stress enough… Seek it! Don’t settle without it. It will change your whole life!

When someone tells you… You need to be happy Alone before you can be happy with someone else. You need to love yourself before you can love someone else. THIS IS IT!



Stay Positive… It is All You Got!

To some people being positive about life is more difficult than others… It is not fair when you are down and unhappy and others have it much worse.

What do you say to that?

Should you control it or screw it because you deserve to let yourself feel what you think you want to feel.

I mean who wants to feel frustration, sadness, helplessness, pain, hurt, unhappiness, disappointment?

Do you?

I know I dont, I want always be happy and find joy in everything I do, but do I…

It’s easier said than done, right?

Yes I absolutely understand you, but let me tell you a little secret… when you make yourself believe it, you will!

science doesn’t lie when they say you can trick your brain to believing your happy. When you are sad, push a smile for 10-20 seconds and I promise you, you will start feeling smiley and happy. because your brain really starts to believe your happy.

You don’t believe me, try it to yourself,  or even better, research it I won’t find you a link because I an certain that information is so well practiced and researched that it will be easy for you to find without believing I’m biased on me research.

So today, if your having a bad day. Try to put the biggest smile on your face and see how in 3 seconds you can change your while mood.

If that doesn’t do the job, take a look at this beautiful video of a woman that should seem to lose all hope but fights with all the smiles and happiness she could share.

Inspirational. Sensational.  Impressionable.

Michael Jackson… JUST LISTEN!

This may seem like an odd post and may not seem relative to this Blog, however I found this to be an ESSENTIAL topic that I want to share with all of you.  Throughout his life, Michael has always tried to inspire us to make a difference and become better people. The following video demonstrates many of Michael’s speeches attempting to inspire us. Michael’s words have always been taken for granted, all his songs, and everything that he represents. Michael has been spreading the message for all of us throughout his whole life, teaching us to be better people, teaching us to appreciate life, and to always SMILE, no matter the pain. If you feel that your life is falling apart, take a moment and watch some of the following music videos of Michael Jackson and keep in mind that life is too short and it is important to always appreciate every moment; do not take your life on this earth for granted because you might not have one tomorrow. A special person in my life has taught me that, and though I am still working on it, I wish to teach all of you: BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE, DON’T UNDERVALUE YOUR LIFE ON THIS EARTH, YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE ANOTHER ONE.

Michael has been an inspiration to many, let’s make sure that his messages are taken seriously because THEY MATTER in our Lives!

Enjoy your life, SMILE every moment you get, LOVE everyone, CHANGE to the better, Don’t hold anger or grudges. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Limitations? Embrace life to the fullest!

Amy Purdy is a professional snowboarder who despite losing both her legs at age 19, never gave up her dreams.

This video is to show everyone that no matter what uncontrollable havocs occur within your lives, nothing should change what you dream to do or be. Limits are there to guide you, not to give up. This comes to show that no one should limit themselves to what they WANT because of an illness, an injury, or a general problem.

As I mentioned in my first blog, my friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 weeks to live. Though all the doctors were telling her to stay relaxed and rested… She had a mind of her own. 8 months later, she was still alive. It was not until 2 days ago that she passed away in her sleep. She never gave up, she went dancing, eating, and having the time of her life with her family. She never took no for an answer and lived every moment with as little limits that she can afford due to her lack of good health. She was a warrior and fought her way to live. She was given 2 weeks and survived 8 month. Some may call it miracle, others may call it heart. This is to show that one should never give up and ALWAYS FIGHT for what matters!

The following video, touching, will bring forth a different perspective to your life and hopefully will change the way you see yourself and your life. Amy is an inspiring role model to many, and she her words should inspired many to live for what is worth living.