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‘Full Profit’ Organizations… Your Awareness!

If you have donated money before, it probably crossed your mind, where does this money actually go? Are they really a NON PROFIT organization or is it bogus? I donate to couple organizations and truthfully speaking, after going to africa with an organization, it really makes me even more worried about where my money is going. Is it actually going to the children and families or in the pockets of the organization leaders?

Sadly, most of the money being donated to many of these charity organizations is going to the selfish pocket. It is unfortunately more common than we would like to believe. I have witnessed it myself. No comments. However, I do wish to have you all aware of where your money is going. Sadly, even with the knowledge of this immoral action, what does one do? Do you expose the organization by cutting off ANY help these people are getting, such as African children? Or do you allow the organization to keep steeling? That is a tough one, but immorality from these organizations, especially these religious-based ones who claim to be spreading the word of God. This is sick!

Watch this video for a list of Bad Charities… and follow the link.