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Laugh, Rire, Reír, ضحك, 笑, râde, לצחוק, Lachen, हंसी, Смеяться, Ridere, Gülmek, …

Comedy is one of the most beautiful things in life. Laughter is a wonderful act and something that keeps us healthy.

There is a saying,

Laughter is a pleasant sound, it spreads joy all around Whether you’re young or old, laughter can be like Magic to our souls, whenever we’re feeling sad Laughter can sustain us so that things don’t seem Quite so bad, if we give into laughter, it can be like A cure for something that seems impossible to endure So any time your spirits need a lift fill yourself With laughter and you will find, a much happier Person with a peaceful frame of mind.

Ritu Ghatourey

We all love to watch Stand up comedy; comedians, they just make us laugh and make us feel like everything is okay.

What the following Ted Show, which is also a Comedy show. ENJOY and remember: when it comes to comedy, we are all Alike, no matter what culture you come from, the comedy is the same!