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Brain of Sexes

This video is absolutely hilarious!

Check out the difference between women Brain and men brain… Yes… it’s somewhat true, sadly.

Enjoy 🙂

Genders & The Power of Sex

We know how much men tend to Sex appeal. When men are exposed to women bare in any way, shape or form, they get aroused. It doesn’t take too much for a man to feel aroused when there is any skin showing on a woman.

Women, on the other hand, are not as easily touched. This being said, a man can walk naked in a room and it won’t drive her nuts, whereas a women knows what she is doing when she walks naked into a room. He wants her.

It’s just the way the gendered brain works. Sex is on a man’s mind almost 24/7 if not to say a full 24/7. It not their fault, it’s just the power of hormones and our nature. Men are sexual beings, more so then women. Studies have shown it too. The thing is, studies have also shown that women get aroused on effects beyond their acknowledgement, they get physiologically aroused without knowing they do. But that is a study on its own for another day.

This is to show that women are not as sexually compelled by the power of visualization as men are. This explains as well the power of the man’s second brain. Enough said.

Watch this, you will be impressed with the findings.

Why Am I Still Angry? Even After He Apologized?

If you are a girl, do you ever get in an argument with your *better half* and find that although the argument is resolved, you still find yourself angry and you can’t help feeling that way?

As a man, does it drive you crazy when you resolve a problem but your girlfriend/fiance/wife is STILL angry and you just don’t get it?

Women, we are a special specie! Yes, I am a woman and I wish that I was not so emotional at times. Is it an imbalance? Is it too much Estrogen?


Woman or man, check out this link and try to understand why women act the way they do, by what science says…

Do Your Orgasms Have an Age?

We all believe that when one gets old/older, they do not have the drive to do sexual things. “My mom and dad don’t have sex anymore”. Fortunately, this is a false believe. However, it is important to keep updated, as you grow older, know what you need to do in order to stay sexually active, especially after the age of 50.

Read through this link and get more details:


Growing up, I heard it many times. Don’t be a little girl, don’t cry, men are supposed to be strong, crying is only for girls. This is what I heard most fathers tell their sons: my dad, my uncle, friend’s fathers, etc. Even my brother had to suffer through this useless talk about being a man. What determines what a boy should not do? They have feelings too, why should they be judged about crying? Why must they always look strong and manly? Why is a girl seen as not feminine enough when she is not sensitive or emotional? Women should not be independant, they must be submissive and dependant on a man, this is what you hear. Today, especially, all is changed. Some women now are the main breadwinners in some families. This takes us off topic, but I needed to mention this somehow. Women, men, we are both humans. Why is it that men are always warned not to cry or show emotions? They ask why violence against women is so high… the simple fact that men are taught to be dominant and show no sadness is evidence enough.
Make a difference, save the world. Check out this video, and take is seriously.