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Doctors… They are human too, no?

In the following video, Brian Goldman expresses, on behalf of all his fellow doctors, how mistakes are made but can’t be talked about. It is definitely a sad fact and they must feel clustered with all that guilt. Everyone makes mistakes, we are all human after all. However, though doctors ARE humans, their mistakes are not taken lightly. It is sad to say, but some people are just not allowed to make mistakes. Doesn’t seem very fair, but unfortunately, their jobs are not like every average Joe who’s harm can be fixed. When doctors fail, they really fail. They are working on people’s chances to live or die.

We hear Dr. Goldman talk about his concern, and yes, it is quite unfortunate and distressful to have to bear these feelings inside, but what can we do? From every patient’s point of view, these doctors are all dealing with people that we love, or dealing with our own lives. They must not make a mistake or they destroy a life.

I really do feel for Dr. Goldman when he speaks, but it is a sad fact that when your parent or sibling or any loved one is on that table, any mistakes from doctors will not be tolerated. It is always healthy to be able to talk about your feelings (shame, disappointment, etc.) but truth of the matter is, no one will accept a mistake that big, because these mistakes will not be tolerated.

Are they humans? Yes, but….