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Diet Drinks & Intoxication…

Did you know that mixing alcohol with diet sodas raises your alcohol impairment? No matter the amount of alcohol, adding unsweetened drinks to your alcohol confuses your brain. The reason for this is because when drinking sweetened drinks, not diet, your brain recognizes that it needs to start digesting something therefore digesting the alcohol at the same time; whereas when drinking unsweetened drinks, your body does not recognize any intake and does not digest or work at all… therefore leading to higher intoxication and alcoholism.

So comes to say, you might worry about calories when going out but there are more important matters to consider in an outing…

Hope that sheds light for many… especially girls as they are the ones to mostly care about calories.

Check out the article describing more of this

Mixing Booze with Energy Drinks is a No No

So many I see ordering vodka red bull …. sure it may taste good and get you going but to what risk?

Studies show that mixing a stimulant with a depressant is very dangerous and can cause great risk of injury and impairment.

Be careful and don’t take the bad risks because there are some you can’t turn back!