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Why Humans DownLoad Slower!

Download huh? What is this girl talking about!

Ya, ya, Download, Grow, Develop, exactly that.

Why are we different than animals? Why are new born horses able to start running as soon as they are born? Why are birds able to hunt for themselves as soon as they are hatched? Why are we not as smart right away? Interesting questions right? Well this is why…

It has all to do with our mother. Harsh huh?

I don`t want to break the ice; read this article (or listen) to learn something quite outstanding…–your-difficult-birth?utm_source=pocket&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pockethits


Enjoy the rest of your day!



Eating for Two!

I have found out of two new mommies close to me in the past month. So it comes to my mind to do a bit of research that may be helpful to new mothers out there living and eating for TWO. We all hear it often, a pregnant woman is a woman living for two. Seems as though she must be eating for two, but that’s not completely true. It seems that research has shown that a new mother should be eating just another bite. What is truly essential for a pregnant woman is her protein and vitamin intake which really affects the womb. It is important for every new mother to keep in mind these specific details. How to get these protein and what to avoid can be seen more in the following videos. On top of that, is morning sickness a worry for you? There are solutions!