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Artificial Sweetners are UnHealthy and Not Diet!

Growing body of research shows artificial sweeteners raise your risk of both obesity and Type 2 diabetes — perhaps even to a greater degree than sugar.

Unfortunately, many people mistaken the facts thinking that artificial sweeteners in products are a healthier option , as they are low calories, but this is such a misconception. It boggles my mind thinking that some people may choose diet drinks or sweet and low sweeteners in order to avoid gaining weight but truth is obesity stems from these artificially sweetened products and processed foods. Fact is, artificial sweeteners cause just as many health problems as sugar does. More deterrent, unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners were found to accumulate in blood, leading to more significant damage to blood vessels.

A disturbing fact about artificial sweeteners is that they are also found to trick the body into using alternative sources of glucose, such as muscle. So, when you are thinking you are trying to lose fat by having artificial sweeteners , think twice, because you are only harming your body and losing everything you are working hard to accomplish.

Sweeteners simply trick the body. And then when your body’s not getting the energy it needs to function properly, due to lack of sugar, it  finds that source elsewhere, therefore wears your body down from actually doing the proper functions.

Contrary to industry claims, research over the last 30 years have shown that artificial sweeteners stimulate appetite, increase cravings for carbs, and produce a variety of metabolic dysfunctions that promote fat storage and weight gain.

Next time you want to save on fat, and have a “DIET coke”, take a second to think twice.

Watch this video for more detrimental effects of Aspartame:


For more details on the Artificial Sweeteners effects, read the Mercola Article.


If you don’t want to listen to your parents, listen to your doctors!

Lack of sleep is unhealthy for your body and your brain.

As doctor Lee describes, sleep deprivation can cause drastic long-term effects such as cardiovascular disease, increase risk of car accidents, work performance errors, cognitive abilities, more fatigue during the day, and obesity.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput, an obesity specialist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, said there is a strong link between sleep and body weight. According to him, comparing to people who sleep more, those who sleep less tend to eat more and be less active.

Chaput said:

adults are encouraged to sleep between seven to eight hours a night, while children are encouraged to sleep for 10 hours in order to get a full rest.

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Please also make sure to take the poll and see how many actually do/don’t sleep enough. You will notice that more than half of us do not sleep enough.

Why are Some Obese and Others are Not?

Studies have found 2 weapons to change obesity. Two hormones have been discovered: Hunger hormone (Ghrelin) and Fullness hormone (PYY)
These hormones show why it is so difficult for obese people to stop eating, and feel full.

In fact, obese people do not have as much hunger as normal people and their hunger stays at the same level during the day, but goes up when food is taken away. They feel a nagging hunger the whole day. Whereas ,non-obese, normal people get full when they eat then get hungry thereafter.

Obese people’s fullness hormone stays the same, low throughout the whole day, and they do not feel full even when they eat, so they eat more food and the wrong food.

A study has shown how identical twins can have the same genes, but one is obese while the other is not. This shows that genes are not everything, and heredity is not always the answer. Why twins with the same genes can be at a different weight is because something happened which caused the fat gene to be switched on causing one of the twins to become obese. Studies show that stress can have an important effect on this particular case. To stop obesity, we must learn what switched on the fat gene, and turn it OFF.

Another study of Dr. Godfrey showed that development of the baby in the womb influences its risk of obesity. The nine months the baby spends in the womb is the cause of obesity. What’s important in the development of the baby is the mother’s diet within these months in the womb, how well nourished or malnourished will determine how the child will grow and if they will show obesity as they grow up.


Obese people’s diets are consistently failing and they are always feeling hungry, what is the matter?
An answer to obesity according to these studies is the gastric bypass surgery , where by reducing size of the stomach, you are reducing how much they can eat; this operation alters the appetite and changes the way that obese person thinks. It causes the ‘obese’ person to have no interest in Fat foods and Sweet foods as the operation on the stomach alters their brain. In fact, even their response to fatty food changes after the surgery.

It is important for people out there, obese or not obese, to keep in mind and consider people out there: Obesity is not a simple question of will power; it is a question of genes, hormones and our brains. Seek the help you need!

For more information watch these videos… There are Four parts to this video, worth the 1 hour if you can spare. You will definitely learn a lot.