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Why so Un-a*Peel*ing?

Bananas are meant to be eaten right? Of course, so what’s the big deal with the peel? Apparently, you should EAT IT. They say it is in fact a healthy part of the banana, so if you throw those out, as I do, think again because if you can forget about the bitter taste and texture, you really might benefit yourself.

I was just as surprised as you, I mean it’s the peel, it is meant to be thrown out, not eaten. Boy were we wrong!

As it seems, the banana peel has healthy substance that the inside of the banana itself does not.

Banana peel lowers your cholesterol, with its high soluble and insoluble fibers. They contain high potassium and electrolytes as well. By not peeling he banana and eating the whole thing, you also are happier and sleep better because of its high levels of serotonin it releases, the happy hormone. It also has a high source of antioxidants, keeping you healthy, slim and boosts your immune system. It also strengthens your red blood cells, through oxygen distribution.

Did you know that?

Banana peels can optimize the health of your eyes because of their high levels of lutien. Lutien is a compound that aids in night vision capability and it helps prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

Remember… It is only healthy if you eat organic bananas/peels, as non-organic bananas are sprayed with pesticides which defeats all purpose for a healthy fruit. This goes with many other fruits where eating the peel is healthy.

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