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E-Cigarettes: No Better Than Cigarettes

Many believe E-Cigarettes are an alternative to safe/healthy smoking. Wrong! Check out this article showing how detrimental these electronic cigarettes can be.

AcroMax shows how these cigarettes are being exposed to children and in turn harming their bodies. This alternative exposes people to so much nicotine contrary to what is believed.

In fact the concentrated and flavored cartridges inside these E-Cigarettes contain enough nicotine to equal about two packs of cigarettes.

Children are exposed to this through not only swallowing but also through exposure to the skin and accidental spilling of the liquid which is very easy.

This all to say that the *alternative* to cigarettes that was believed to be is false and even more problematic. This is all poison and we must be careful.

For more detailed information please see the link below:

Please dont be ignorant to the signs and precautions out there. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

This is not to say that you should go back to smoking cigarettes, not the intention. But be aware of the poison you are in taking when alternating to these electronic cigarettes.

Aspartame is a POISON!

I have told friends to stop drinking those Diet Cokes, Sweeteners, and 0 calorie gums. Aspartame is the reason for all these to be so popular on the market. Everyone seeks the lowest calories possibility; the one that will be the least ‘fatnening’, but what people are not taking seriously is how dangerous Aspartame is. Watch this video and you will never have aspartame again, or so I hope. It has many negative side effects that affect one’s health to the point of diseases. Edith Johnson is one example of such a disease. Humans do not take this seriously and do not believe that Aspartame will affect them but without realization, Aspartame is affecting our body everyday. Please be aware of this disastrous artificial sugar! It is deadly and can demonstrate a wide range of negative effects.

Aspartame, according to this video should have never been out in the market, because its safety was not scientifically proven. So why is it still out there?

Take this seriously and change your life…