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Courageous Footprints: Be Courageous Enough To Make a Difference!


Hey everyone! I know some of you are looking at this and say you’re interested, but you must follow through! Think of how many times you said you want to help but let it pass you by. Don’t let this chance pass you by. Please email me at to buy a ticket or if you have any questions! Tavola Manager has agreed to further extend the validation of the ticket to November 6 for those that cannot make it for that date but would like to support the cause. Please Be the Change. Make a Difference. With Courage, we can imprint our own Footprints! For more details about the food, you can also visit

Here is their page:
Tavola Restaurant- “Food That Makes Your Mouth Sizzle”
Don’t be shy to LIKE them, they really are delicious and you can see for yourself on October 6!

Hope to hear from many of you reading this!