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Follow the Japanese, Japanese, Japanese… Follow the Japanese…

Why? Because they are the Leaders.

We have all heard and seen that the Japanese, they live the longest.

Let me tell you some of the reasons…. it is what they eat, what they drink, how they eat and what they do.

Here are some little examples for you to guide your eyes:

Small plates, more soy, lots of tea, lots of hot water,lost of cold water, more fish, less red meats, more rice and vegetables, less dairy, Squatting While they Poop, Meditation, relaxation, simple the slow and relaxed life…

Read these links below to guide you to a a happier, healthier and longer life:

Mind and Body… Stay Well!

Studies prove mt theory that yoga and meditation make a difference in your body and health.  Well you see through this link and video how doing meditation and yoga, mind relaxants, you change as a person, through your personality and your health

Watch the video and read the details.

It really is crazy how meditating and doing yoga changes the way you see yourself and life.