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Milk Thisle… A Cure!

Did you know that you can remedy your nausea during Chemotherapy? Apparently milk thisle reduces nausea and also protects your liver, which is in fact at higher risk during chemotherapy’s toxic. Milk thisle can be used as a tea and an extract. It is also not difficult to find this, you can simply visit health food stores.

I have added two different videos; one which talks about Milk thisle for Chemo and another that talks about milk thisle as a cure to liver disease.

Milk Thisle and Chemo

Milk Thisle and Liver Disease

Hope you have learned something new and make sure to incorporate it in your diet because although it shows to be a cure for liver problems and chemo, it is also a great DETOX for your body in general!


Ginger is a Miracle Food!

Ginger is effective in combating many illnesses and relieving many other health problems. It seems that such a vegetable helps humans in various ways that are overlooked by people on a daily basis. Indians and Chinese incorporate it in their daily foods and have come to notice its strong health benefits. I have been sick with a strong cold before and was advised by a friend to use ginger tea for remedy, which made me feel better in the long run. I recommend ginger to be incorporated on a daily basis because it seriously is a remedy to many sicknesses and a good nutrition for your health and digestion!

Watch this video for more details: