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Bellyfat Bellyfat Go Away! Don’t Come Back Another Day!


Do you find your trying to lose that belly fat and it’s just one stubborn Peace of Fat!?

I Feel you! The thing is.. people don’t truly understand the impact of that excess and how it comes to be and stay. It’s not a simple abs workout that will save your life. It has a lot more implications then you see.

Such As:

Getting a good night sleep. That’s 8-9 hours where your body is fully rested.

Avoiding Stress as we all know what stress does to our body. Dealing with stress is a way to go. I deal well with stress by doing exactly what is good for me and my belly fat. Go to the gym and express it all there. Bye bye Stress!

Eating well… well duh right? But some people still can’t control that. Avoiding processed foods, junk foods, bad foods.  Eat healthy and see how you will feel in 2 days!

Exercice but do it right! Yes cardio helps you lose weight but it’s really not the only answer. Do a full body workout, do some weight  lighting, squats, lunges, planks, burpees, just work it! It’s so much Fun!

And the last problem some people run into is only doing abs and thinking they will get killer abs by just working out and doing sit-ups.  Reality is, if you workout your body without doing the full workout you are gaining muscle over the fat which is not really what you were looking for. So yes do sit-ups, do simple abs workout but really the full body workout that a plank gives you or a burpee or even a squat can just change your life. So try it out!

Go give it a try and see how you feel! I do Greco Lean and Fit! Maybe give that a try or something like it, circuit training is awesome. See how you will notice your body drastically change! Yes it may be pricey but for your health. It’s damn worth it!

Stay healthy and get Fit!

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TORONTO – A new study says smoking, alcohol, poor diet, lack of physical activity and stress finds are costing Ontarians more than seven years of their lives (Huffington Post, April 2, 2012).

People nowadays do not take their health seriously, more importantly; do not take seriously the consequences of bad habits. Smoking! This habit is so vastly expanding; even children are smoking these days. You walk down the street and you see children smoking in a group, children of about 12 years. What is happening to this world? The consequences are there, there is awareness about them, yet no one takes them seriously. Cigarette packs show picture of dark lungs, and a heart that is dark, yet no one budges.

I won’t even start on alcohol; all that Canadians seem to be doing for fun is drink. Alcohol is present in get-togethers, in family occasions, in parties, everywhere. No limits! These teenagers and young adults are drinking day in day out, without caring of what it may do to their lungs.

Another essential issue is poor diet, which many of us do not hold to heart. Fast food is everywhere these days and no one cares or questions what is inside the food they are being served. I can show many documents defining how nasty certain foods are, yet in North America, fast food is so widely abused.

Physical activities and stress I believe intertwine. Many people get lazy and do not take the initiative to become active, knowing that physical activity keeps someone alive and healthier. This, in turn, associated with stress as physical health relieves stress. It is true that many of us cannot control stress, because it is in our work, in our school, in our lives in general, however the way you deal with stress is of big importance. Some deal by reliving the harmful cycle, i.e. through smoking, drinking, eating bad, and more negative coping mechanisms.

I write this blog, not to simply repeat what you already know, but to stress on you to take control of your life by diminishing the negative habits and initiating new positive habits that will benefit you and your health. Keep you living longer, and happier.


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