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Lose It The RIGHT Way!


Losing weight is a constant struggle, I have tried various methods, diets, workouts. To be honest, lets make it simple.


Cutting FAT, cutting CARBS, cutting SUGAR, starving yourself. You are doing it all the wrong way. How about you focus on what really matters, because your body needs fat, carbs, sugar, and damn right can’t be starved, not if you want to also Work out and BE HEALTHY.

So here is the Trick, I will send you off to a nice ENTERTAINING ride that will shock you but you will realise that this way will be healthy and reachable for you.

Here are 23 Weight Loss Tips for you to best lose it. Don’t DIET, just Finally DO-IT.


Make sure to watch these videos before you continue… Absolutely follow the following instruction and you will understand why it is very crucial you do this.

This seems about right …. right?


This is unfortunately the sad reality where people are constantly being misled in their health. advertisement, campaigns and false information. “A new Coca-Cola ad campaign focuses on the mistaken belief that beating obesity is a matter of counting calories. All calories are NOT the same, and obesity is the result of consuming too many of the wrong type of calories” This in fact is true.

NOW…. Watch the following video which clearly demonstrates the HONEST reality:

It comes to show how we can so easily be fooled to believe anything they want us to believe…

Does it make sense of how something with such high sugar taste can be 0 CALORIES? Some fall in the group of people that IGNORE to question unnatural “advertisement” because maybe it’s just easier and more convenient to believe than the truth. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE…

Please be aware and ask questions when things do not make sense and be sure not to be fooled by such easily altered Realities. As you see, Altering realities is very possible and easy. Don’t be easily fooled. You have a mind, use it!

Eating Sugar makes You Less of a Man

Sugar brings down your testosterone which in turn brings down muscle mass, increased breast size, more of a belly, loss of hair in the body, trouble getting an erection and more.It seems that eating more sugar causes testosterone deficiency, causing lower enjoyment and quality of life, as symptoms of low testosterone in men include fatigue, depression, loss of motivation, poor concentration, reduction in sex drive, increased risk of osteoporosis, and more.

In fact, as some may already know, overweight men and diabetic men are prone to testosterone deficiency. Studies have shown that “elevated blood levels of insulin correlate with low testosterone. Blood insulin levels rise if you eat sugar, flour, grains, cereals or starches (basically high carbohydrate foods).”

Man or woman, eating too much sugar affects the sex hormone which can impede sex drive and health.

Watch the following video and read the next articles for more details on how sugar can affect your lifestyle and health!

Fruits Are Good For You, Except …

Fruits are very good for you but when should you not have fruits?

Zoë Harcombe explains that fruits are not good with other foods because it disturbs the digestion process, so it is better to eat it either 30 minutes before eating or after you have digested your food which can take few hours. Another time when not to eat fruits is essentially when you have hyperglycemia because fruits are high in sugar. Third reason why fruits are not good is if you have candida, which is a fungus, because fruits will feed candida, which can in turn cause diseases.

Watch this 3 minute video for more details