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Protein Protein Protein Shake or NOT!

I am going crazy!

I have been researching on and on about Protein powder, is it good? is it bad?

Good Question? Well… it’s just not a good answer.


I have been training quite a lot lately and find I need more protein, for recovery, for energy, for feeling great-ER!

Protein Supplements, some sources disapprove it, and others say it’s okay. Which is the correct one? I still don’t know.

Here are some sources, and you can be your own judge: (my personal favorite)


However, my safest and healthiest matter I found was by following a natural Protein option, that is by foods, such as:

Great Grains: Oats, Spelt, Quinoa, Amaranth, Wheat germ

Protein-Packed Fruits and Snacks: Dried apricot, Sun dried tomatoes, Edamame, Pumpkin and squash seeds, Chia seeds, Walnuts, Almonds and almond butter, Pistachios

Satisfying Seafood: Ocean trout, Salted cod, Sockeye salmon

Meat (and Tofu) Alternatives: Seitan, Tempeh


See for details.

So after continuous research, I am still undecided if Protein Powders are a healthy choice, but I will keep you updated if I find the answer.


As for now, my only advise is try to get your protein as naturally as possible.

Keep in mind, Fish oil is high protein intake.


Watch this video for a good 100% natural protein shake:



If you have any suggestions or sources stating one or the other, please do not hesitate to reach out.


I have to say… Ever since I posted about this Green Coffee Bean Extract, I have been researching and reviewing if this pill is actually worth it and HEALTHY.

However, though I saw many reviews that gave it positive feedback, though I STILL AM NOT CONVINCED. As I saw a video with Brenda Leigh Turner, I just gave up on the idea. I mean supplements… I have never been able to support supplements like the ones in green coffee extract. All these supplement diets I know are not good for you, I have never supported such a supplement and it has been bothering me since I posted about this extract. Don’t get me wrong I have been hoping they were legitimate and healthy but I think being rather Safe than Sorry is much better. Let’s say they do work. What happens when you stop? Do you gain the weight back and more? Like Dr. Bernstein … I have know many that have done it, and gained the weight all back and more.

SO. I am sorry if I gave some of you hope, but You will need to make that decision on your own because to tell you the truth, I can’t support something that I am not 100% about. I fear this supplement, therefore, I will skip this idea for myself. You make the decision for yourself.

I must say all the advertisement, its working… I know a LivingSocial Deal has come out, and over 400 people have bought it. It’s scary, I guess we can’t tell just yet what the deal is with it.