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Introverts Should Be More Valued & Appreciated

Susan Cain demonstrates in her speech how Introverts always have to prove themselves in a crowd and feel always attacked for not being more open. Being an Extrovert is great and people tend to like you more as you are more social and outgoing. I have always, personally, thought that being an extrovert is better than an introvert, but truly being Introvert shows more success on where it counts. Sure, being an extrovert will possibly lead you to a better position as a leader. That is not to say that introverts do not get these positions, however some introverts might be too shy or have a hard time leading. Some introverts are the exception, as Cain states, Ghandi was one introvert who made it as a great leader. She also speaks how introverts can be better leaders than extroverts because they are more open to other people’s ideas. The purpose of this video is not to demonstrate that introverts succeed better than extroverts, but rather to demonstrate to all people that being an introvert is not abnormal. People have different personalities and that should be valued and appreciated, as humanity is not all the same. Diversity is what makes us special.

Appreciate and Acknowledge that fact when you see your co-worker, friend, class-mate, or any stranger that may show signs of introversion. If you are an introvert, DO NOT be embarrassed! Embrace your knowledge and make a difference.

Watch this video; hopefully it might bring a different perspective to those that are biased about people that are more quiet or to themselves, and bring more confidence to those that are so.