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Why Am I Still Angry? Even After He Apologized?

If you are a girl, do you ever get in an argument with your *better half* and find that although the argument is resolved, you still find yourself angry and you can’t help feeling that way?

As a man, does it drive you crazy when you resolve a problem but your girlfriend/fiance/wife is STILL angry and you just don’t get it?

Women, we are a special specie! Yes, I am a woman and I wish that I was not so emotional at times. Is it an imbalance? Is it too much Estrogen?


Woman or man, check out this link and try to understand why women act the way they do, by what science says…

Eating Sugar makes You Less of a Man

Sugar brings down your testosterone which in turn brings down muscle mass, increased breast size, more of a belly, loss of hair in the body, trouble getting an erection and more.It seems that eating more sugar causes testosterone deficiency, causing lower enjoyment and quality of life, as symptoms of low testosterone in men include fatigue, depression, loss of motivation, poor concentration, reduction in sex drive, increased risk of osteoporosis, and more.

In fact, as some may already know, overweight men and diabetic men are prone to testosterone deficiency. Studies have shown that “elevated blood levels of insulin correlate with low testosterone. Blood insulin levels rise if you eat sugar, flour, grains, cereals or starches (basically high carbohydrate foods).”

Man or woman, eating too much sugar affects the sex hormone which can impede sex drive and health.

Watch the following video and read the next articles for more details on how sugar can affect your lifestyle and health!