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Words of Wisdom


They say trust your elders, I saw their right. Experience is everything in life. Learn from other’s mistakes, you don’t always need to make them yourself, and you know what, when it comes to these words of wisdom, you really don’t want to make them yourself because that will be a life full of regrets. You don’t want to wake up at 60 saying What did I do to My life? Gosh, do I regret my life. You don’t want that, it is scary.

So I read this article today Advice from some old people, and it was a wake up call.

Please take a look at the 20 tips given by older people to teach you a little something about life. Do’s and Don’ts.

I don’t want to wake up at the end of my life regretting the little things that don’t even end up mattering. Wake up, live a better healthier loving life. Don’t dwell on things that mean nothing. Dwell on what really matters. Take care of yourself and those that mean the most to you.

Read this article and hear every piece of advise loud and clear: Advise from Some Old People

What’s In A Relationship?

A friend of mine blogged about Relationships, and how to make them last as healthy as possible.

We all know that your boy(girl)friend, fiance, husband (wife), whoever it is, will not always stay the same way for always. The *In Love* phase doesn’t always last as we want. Forever and Ever, well is not always the case. SO, if you are having problems in your relationship or if you want to keep your relationship at its best for as long as you can, read this article about a single man that travelled around the world interviewing couples. This is what he found out:

Self Love
Don’t Fight To Win
Seek to Understand
Just Be Nice To Each Other Seriously

*So, to find out what these mean, scroll down to The best advice from a single guy… in the link below:

Our Lives … It Is All In Our Conscious!

This might seem like something that has nothing to do with what you usually see in my blog, however this video is very important to the human as our well-being depends on these consciousness.
These are inspirations and facts that actually make a difference in our lives and make us live a more healthy life.

Watch this video and see how the way you view things and define things is really making you a victim of your own self. It is the way that we believe we should live that is affecting our richness of living. Believing what has been encrypt in us is reality is what is putting us at a disadvantage in our lives. This has to do about trust, habits, Watch this inspiring video and make a difference in your life!

Watch this and make sure that if this is a concept that you would like to see again, *LIKE* this Post and I will promise to make sure I blog more about this field!