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Iodine: Superfood for Thyroid!

Some have a thyroid problem and don’t seem to know what to do to treat it. Here is a superfood that is an essential nutrient needed for optimal thyroid health. Our body does not store Iodine so we must put effort and assure that we are consuming it on a daily basis, by diet and for some more serious thyroid health issues, through a solution.

Check out these YouTube clips, take the time and you will be one step closer to a healthier you!

Here is some details further details about an Hypothyroidism:

Tea Bags: A Plastic Concern!

Tea is a better option than coffee. This is true as it does have healthier components, however what about when the risk is higher than the benefit? It is what we will call this situation. Drinking tea is healthy indeed, however it has come to our attention that the newer tea bags are made of plastic and when plastic is heated becomes cancerous. This is an important note to take into consideration as we need to be more aware.

Drinking tea from real herbs or organic tea is healthiest and keeping away from plastic exposure is essential.

Read the following article for more information:

Plastic and Cancerous

Good Carb Bad Carb

Many try dieting by cutting Carbs from their diet. Science shows that carbs are not all bad, some are good, some are bad.

Remember: Carbohydrates=Energy in the body. Without Carbohydrates, you are missing energy!

What are Bad Carbs? Simple carbohydrates which shoot up your blood sugar and cut it down quick, making you crave carbs as you are asking for energy. Examples of bad carbs are muffins, white bread, bagels, cookies, sugar and candy. These carbs are said to be stripped of vitamins, of essential nutrients and of fibers.

What are Good Carbs? Those are brown rice, quinoa, oats, farro, barley, lentils, beans & whole wheat flour. They are called ‘Complex Carbs’ which are carbohydrates that cut the cravings by breaking them down slowly and giving you more energy over a long period of time.

For more details & for A Delicious&Healthy Recipe, view the following video:

Electronic Cigarettes? Deadlier than Smoking!

Electronic Cigarettes Contain Higher Levels of Toxic Metal Nanoparticles Than Tobacco Smoke


It is true, I mean I must admit that when I saw that cigarette I bought some for my parents, hoping this would be that thing that will make them quit. I was wrong, and I thank God my parents never really took it seriously. In the beginning I thought It was a waste of money and time, two months after, I started having my own doubts, hearing different theories about them being cancerous. Today, I have that proof and comfort that my parents never really touched it as THEY ARE TOXIC, even more than tobacco cigarettes.

After reading this article, it makes perfect sense. Think about it: You are basically smoking from an ‘electronic’ cigarette, smoking on a battery which heats up a liquid that contains a artificial flavoring. It is containing metals including tin, copper, nickel and silver, silicate beads and nanoparticles. I don’t know about you but that freaks me out, what this world has come to.

To date, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has detected a potentially deadly antifreeze chemical called diethylene glycol in an electronic cigarette cartridge,2 along with tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which are linked to cancer. In the latest study, researchers hypothesized that since electronic cigarettes contain various metal components, so too might the aerosol that you inhale, and their hypothesis turned out to be right.

Read the article, it’s mind blowing.

It even has a section for “What’s the Best Way to Quit Smoking?”

Check it out, it’s worth the time.

Say No To Oral Disease!

Some take their teeth seriously while others do not give them much attention. This may be due to cost or time or their lack of willingness to go see a Dentist. I went to see my dentist this week and met a kind lady who informed of the negative effects of not taking care of your mouth, your teeth, your gum. She was my hygienist. I was provided brochures which I will share with you. I was made aware of the diseases that can happen if you do not take your health seriously.

Gum disease is one that is of Essence when it comes to teeth. A regular cleaning is essential for our mouth, as without it our teeth will go bad, causing us much bigger problems.

Gum Disease, also known as Periodontal Disease is the number 1 cause of adult tooth loss.

Not only is Periodontal Disease unhealthy for your teeth but can affect a person in so many other unhealthy ways, such as through Dementia/Alzheimer’s, Oral Cancer, Heart Disease, Respiration infections, and more.

So take this from me, take care of your teeth and follow-up with your dentist at least every 6 months or worse case every 1 year.

I won’t say too much; Check out these brochures I was given and educate yourself… But before I let you go, note that a velscope test is very important for any patient in order to make sure that you are orally safe and without signs of Oral Cancer, which if detected at an early stage can have the most effective treatment and save your life. Go to for more information and watch Dr. Oz as he introduces this Oral Exam.


Here is Dr. Oz and the Veloscope test:

Following are the Brochures:










Goodluck with Your Teeth!!