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Granola Bars… A Health Mystery ?

When you hear granola bars, you automatically think healthy. I was under that impression too, it seems its the quickest snack with seemingly healthy oats, so I thought. I’ve recently been harassed about how unhealthy these bars are. So I took the initiative to do my own research because to tell you the truth it gets me by in my day at work and in my mornings after a workout, or a quick snack when I’m really hungry.

Truth is, I guess they are not the healthiest, THOUGH some can be. I’ve come across some articles and noticed this was an ongoing struggle for many, there are in fact many articles about the health factor of granola bars, as many eat them as junk, such as including marshmallows, chocolate and other syrups. I’ve read it that if you want a granola bar to be healthy, it needs to taste like Granola, i.e. not tasty. However most of the time it is not the case.

I’ve come to find out that not all are healthy, even when they seem healthy. I can go on and on about what makes a granola bar healthy but I will make you read it from the source. I do apologize I was not able to find a video for you to enjoy, but I’m hoping you will find reading these articles as interesting and convenient.

How The Treadmill Tones You

Here are 2 videos describing how training on the treadmill can tone you up! It may seem like a simple workout for some of you, however take into effect some of these tips and use them next time you get onto a treadmill. See how there are different ways to workout on the treadmill, which works out more than cardio, and has the capacity to tone various muscles in your body. Variety is key, you just need to incorporate it in your daily workout!

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Fruits Are Good For You, Except …

Fruits are very good for you but when should you not have fruits?

Zoƫ Harcombe explains that fruits are not good with other foods because it disturbs the digestion process, so it is better to eat it either 30 minutes before eating or after you have digested your food which can take few hours. Another time when not to eat fruits is essentially when you have hyperglycemia because fruits are high in sugar. Third reason why fruits are not good is if you have candida, which is a fungus, because fruits will feed candida, which can in turn cause diseases.

Watch this 3 minute video for more details

Nuts, So Healthy… What About Weight Gain?

We all know that nuts are healthy fats and good for you. But what about all the calories that come with consuming all these nuts? The calories are high in nuts, yet scientific studies prove that nuts not only do not cause weight gain, but can as well cause weight loss for many. It seems that “the skinniest people ate the most nuts and the fatest people ate the least nuts.”

Let me tell you their Secret: Nuts boost fat burning in the body.

Watch this video demonstrating various studies publicized about consumption of nuts and weight gain…

How to Stop Yourself From Overeating!

There are some serious tips that actually help you avoid Overeat, and those are: to eat higher amount of protein, more nuts, soy products, beans, lentils, yogurt, milk, and so many more. These are all good for you. It is important to lower levels of refined starches and add more spices to your food. Eating slower is a big factor and eating every 3-4 hours is your goal.

Now for more details on the why’s and how’s … Watch this video!

Who Said Green Tea Was Most Beneficial For You?

We have all heard the saying, green tea is very good for you! So it seems, but science has shown that it is not the drink with the highest health benefits. Antioxidant content from various popular beverages can be compared. I will leave it to Dr. Greger to tell you more.


It is very important to be aware of what chemicals are in our food that we consume daily.

Aspartame is a major issue these days because almost all gums have aspartame. Not to mention, aspertame is in everything nowadays and scientific studies show how aspartame causes cancer and so many other diseases that are toxic.

Moreover, there is many meats and foods that are genetically modified that are allowed to be sold in stores yet are not what they seem. Some foods are modified in ways to impel animals from eating them which is in fact dangerous chemicals for humans. It is also repelling what kinds of chemicals they add to grow foods faster. Growth hormones are being added in almost everything and anything we eat.

So bottom line, Check Nutritional Labels to know what you are consuming and always explore how to live a healthier and longer life. Warn those around you and help others stay away from Killing themselves.

Share this with everyone you care about because it’s serious!

Watch the WHOLE video, trust me it’s very important!

Our Lives … It Is All In Our Conscious!

This might seem like something that has nothing to do with what you usually see in my blog, however this video is very important to the human as our well-being depends on these consciousness.
These are inspirations and facts that actually make a difference in our lives and make us live a more healthy life.

Watch this video and see how the way you view things and define things is really making you a victim of your own self. It is the way that we believe we should live that is affecting our richness of living. Believing what has been encrypt in us is reality is what is putting us at a disadvantage in our lives. This has to do about trust, habits, Watch this inspiring video and make a difference in your life!

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What is Inside Your Cereal? Shocking&Scary !!!

Watch this video and see what is ‘in fact’ in your cereal! Just when you think your eating an enriched meal, you are in fact eating metallic filings, that’s right!

Through this video you see a scientific experiment being done to show us what exactly is in some of our foods that we believe are “Healthy and Nutritional” for Us and Our Kids!

Be aware and careful! Do not be ignorant of what THEY make us believe is Healthy for US, and what we are ACTUALLY being fed!

Take this seriously and start considering what is “Nutritional” for you to eat, and not what is “demonstrated” as healthy for you to eat!

This really is SHOCKING!

Lowering Your Blood Pressure… Just A Few Steps Away!

Feeling your blood pressure rising with every breath that you take? Have you ever felt your blood pressure rising when simply spending time with friends and you can’t begin to understand what triggered it? Scary huh?

Here is a video with a few tips on how to lower your blood pressure; that is, with what you eat and what to avoid when eating!

What you SHOULD NOT have: excess sodium is a big NO NO! High alcohol intake is another factor that causes high blood pressure.
What you SHOULD have: More Potassium intake, more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products.

Take this seriously because high blood pressure is no joke and can cause heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and stroke.Please care for your health and make the proper adjustments to assure that!

Now take few minutes of your time to watch this video and possibly researching a little more on the DASH Diet which I have also attached a quick video explaining a little what the Diet is.

Enjoy and stay healthy!

A little about the DASH Diet: